Tuesday, May 7, 2013

exhausted for the king(dom)

Wow.  If you've never been to Passion City Church you really need to check it out.  If you've never taken Perspectives, you really need to check it out.  And if you've never read the bible, you need to check it out.  God is using these three things in a big way in my life, and I trust that he will do the same for you if you're open to it.  He is in the business of changing hearts and lives.

Our church is starting a new series and to kick it off they had a special night of prayer and worship.  This series is about living generously.  At the beginning of the evening we broke into groups to answer the question: How is God calling you to be a better steward?  I normally think of money in the context of generosity and stewardship, but what about how we use our time?

Often when someone asks me how I am, I respond by telling them I've been "busy."  The funny thing is, as busy as I feel, I probably couldn't tell you what I've been so busy doing.  So when my group was asked this question about generosity and what God was asking us to change, many of us said we wanted to be better stewards of our time.  I love the way one of the girls phrased it.  What if instead of being exhausted from work, school, social obligations, etc, we were "exhausted for the kingdom".   

What does that look like for you personally, to be "exhausted for the kingdom"?  Starting your day early to commune with the Lord may cost you some sleep.  Getting up early on Sunday to serve at church may leave you exhausted.  Making extra room in your schedule to spend time with someone who doesn't know the Lord may leave you tired.  But if there is anything in this life worth being exhausted for, it is for our heavenly King and His kingdom.  The good news is, if we ask God, He will direct our steps.  He invites us into his kingdom and He will show us how to live a life that glorifies Him.

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